Life in nusle

A new city quarter, called Nusle Brewery, is gradually appearing in the Nusle Valley in the locality demarcated by Bělehradská and Křesomyslova Streets, near the Na Fidlovačce Theatre on the right bank of the Botič Stream in Nusle, Prague 4. It is situated on an area of almost 32,000 sq. meters in the middle of a busy urban precinct and yet is well protected from the surrounding hustle and bustle.

A hidden paradise
in the middle of the city

The close proximity to two large town parks, namely Folimanka and Havlíček Park with the magnificent Grébovka and Vineyard Gazebo, allows all local residents to enjoy true relaxation amidst vegetation and to pursue various leisure activities. The nearby Bratří Synků Square with the adjoining Nuselská Street has many kinds of shops, services and restaurants catering for the needs and comfort of residents. Culture lovers undoubtedly know the legendary Na Fidlovačce Theatre, which is located just across the street.

All the benefits of a fast connection to Prague city centre showcase the great potential of this place. From here trams reach the city centre or the Vltava waterfront in a matter of minutes. In the future a new metro station - Line D is planned to be opened not far from here - on Bratří Synků Square, thus increasing the attractiveness of the new residential quarter even further.

3 min

Bratří synků square

15 min

Havlíčkovy sady park

25 min

Riverfront (Náplavka)