B1.401 sold
Price incl. VAT -
Layout 2+kk
Floor 4.NP
Net area 41,1 m2
Gross area 43,2 m2
Balcony/Terrace 4,7 m2
Completion 2Q 2024
Sekce B1 Section B1
4.NP 4TH floor
Building selection / B1 - 4. NP / B1.401
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The price list is valid until a new price list is published. The developer reserves the right to alter this price list at any time before entering into a binding reservation agreement with a potential buyer.
The developer hereby wishes to inform you that an apartment may have properties that are different from a standard housing unit, including (but not limited to) the amount of sunlight and sunshine exposure.
* Prices of apartments do not include the price of parking spaces and basement storage rooms. Approximate prices for parking spaces have been set at CZK 575,000.00 and for basement storage rooms at CZK 200,000.00, depending on their size and placement. More information is available from the sales staff.
** The "in negotiations" status is a non-binding pre-reservation valid for 5 days. The pre-reservation is not valid until the seller sends the potential buyer confirmation by email stating that the pre-reservation has been made.
*** AT - 'ateliér' (a livable non-residential unit where you cannot apply for permanent residence, but which is VAT-deductable)

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