The past meeting the present

The Nusle Brewery project brings together the renovation of period buildings and a new approach to residential construction. It ushers modern lifestyle to a unique site that saw the dynamic growth of Czech industry in the 1800 and 1900, while being fully aware of the social and cultural events that used to take place in brewery's garden.

Baroque brewery built in 1694

The buildings are a listed industrial site with a rich history. The oldest parts with their cellars, a chimney stack and a decorative gate have a high heritage protection status.

In the 19th century the Nusle Brewery was the largest industrial brewery in central Europe. The nearby areas were host to popular fairs which get a mention in the play Fidlovačka which included a song that later became the Czech national anthem.

The revitalization in context

The revitalization of the site brings life back into this large chunk of Nusle. The newly constructed apartment buildings in its northern part rub shoulders with typical residential buildings of Vinohrady.

A new footbridge over the Botič stream that delineates the southern edge of the site will connect Křesomyslova Street with a new shopping mall on the brewery site and its internal courtyard. This will give the neighbourhood a new focal point and attract the locals to come and mix with the residents.